Most audio visual companies understand the importance of quality room acoustics to get the most out of their installations. FabricWall can offer AV and tele-conferencing specialists a simple add-on service which can provide their clients with the very best solution.

Audio-visual and tele-conferencing systems installed in rooms with excessive hard services always result in compromised sound quality. Sometimes this will mean clients will blame the equipment itself, rather than the real problem, the fabric of the room, or rather the lack of it.

FabricWall offers the AV community a solution to their clients’ highly reverberant rooms. An optional add-on to their technical services, another source of revenue and a way of providing a more complete solution. This can all be done incredibly simply with very little involvement from ourselves.

Easy to Survey

FabricWall is a site-built sound absorbing acoustic wall lining system. Because it’s site-built, there is no need for the critical site dimensions that are required with standard pre-fabricated acoustic panels. This is what makes FabricWall an easy to survey acoustic solution for AV engineers; we simply need the approximate height and width of a wall and a price can be provided to the client as part of the overall proposal.


FabricWall offers ‘Class A’ sound absorption and in almost all cases a single wall of treatment is sufficient to create an optimised audio environment. We often suggest FabricWall is applied to the LCD display screen wall, which also creates an attractive, high-end background to the focal point of the AV system.

FabricWall is a stretch fabric system installed by our specially trained installers. The flexibility of the system allows us to incorporate sockets, switches and bracketry,creating a true wall-to-wall fabric wall lining. Installation can be carried out before, after or during the equipment installation. More importantly, there is no manufacturing lead-time as we hold our system in stock and our fabric choices are readily available.


Aesthetically, there is no better acoustic wall panel product available. There are a huge choice of fabrics available. Simply put, FabricWall will make a room sound better, and look better. Take a look through our site at some of our completed projects.

We are often contacted by clients who have had an AV installation that suffers with poor acoustics. We believe the acoustic treatment can be carried out in conjunction with AV partners as part of a total solution which benefits all parties. If you agree and would like to discuss in more detail, please give us a call. We are offering a discounted rate to all AV companies.