Papas Barn, Kent

The Problem

A bustling fish and chips shop in Kent, this small space had no sound absorption before Resonics was contacted.

With industrial white tiling and plasterboarding making up the surface finishes in the space, the echo in the shop was contributing to already high decibel levels and creating a noisy and harsh environment.

The Solution

We isolated a 40 sq/m space above the main service desk as the most appropriate space for treatment. The large surface provided a generous amount of space to add absorption, making it the only surface needing to be treated in order to create an acoustically comfortable space.

The client wanted the solution to incorporate a personal favourite artwork. To achieve this, we stitched together high resolution images of the original artwork to form an image large enough to cover the designated area.

Using the latest in print-head technology, we printed the image onto acoustically transparent fabric. This fabric was wrapped over our 50mm acoustic core system, framed by a fabric track system.

The Result

The client has been thrilled with the vast improvement in the restaurant’s sound environment, with customers remarking on the auditory comfort the solution has provided in what was a harsh acoustic space.

The PrintWall system has created a striking feature wall to the restaurant; replacing what was a blank wall with something that looks and sounds great.

Room Type: Restaurant

Products: Print Wall 50mm

Location: Aylesford, Kent

Fabric: PrintWall

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