Nomura, London

An acoustic survey for holdings company Nomura found that the reverberation time in one of their video conferencing rooms was above the recommended 0.5 seconds. This is typical AV and VC rooms that have an abundance of hard, reflective surfaces. As a result of the excess sound bouncing around the room, the conferencing equipment was being compromised and room users were complainin g of poor speech clarity.

Following the survey, FabricWall designed and installed a stretched fabric system across two opposing walls, optimising the absorption of reverberant sound. Despite one of the walls to the room being curved, our skilled FabricWall installers we able to cleverly manipulate the acoustic track across the wall to create a beautiful curved finish. The FabricWall on the opposing wall was installed to accommodate the TV screen, sockets and services.

50mm FabricWall was installed to ensure the best possible acoustic properties. Both walls were finished with Vescom Lani fabric in burnt orange and light grey.

Room Type: Office / Meeting-room / AV-VC Room

Products: Fabric Wall 50mm

Location: London

Fabric: Camira Synergy

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