Casa Cruz Restaurant, London

Resonics was called in to provide an acoustic solution for the ambitious conversion of a pub in West London’s Notting Hill into a fine-dining restaurant.

The plush interior – finished with a  copper detail and featuring a central oval bar and patterned marble flooring – required a bespoke ceiling to match. The brief was to create a bespoke acoustic ceiling that mirrored the restaurant’s floor.

The solution had to incorporate a hidden sound system, while allowing for existing ceiling services.

The challenge was to make the ceiling reflect the floor – comprised of a series of alternating triangular segments radiating from the centre of the room.

Being site-manufactured, with an adaptive track, we were able to fulfill the tricky design brief using Fabric Wall.

We custom cut the fabric track to march the patterned floor, forming segmented compartments, filled with sound absorbing rockwool, stretching out from the centre of the dining room’s ceiling. The segments were wrapped in alternating colours of stretch fabric.

The high-tension offered by the track prevented the sagging of the acoustic material. The invisible track created a ceiling that is segmented without exposing the structural work.

A fully functional acoustic ceiling that perfectly matches the restaurant’s decorative flooring. The adaptable nature of Fabric Wall allowed for the incorporation of ceiling services and a sound system.

The alternating fabric is an exact match for the green and brown flooring colours and its transparency allows for the effective absorption of sound from the acoustic core while allowing the dispersal of music into the dining room.

Room Type: Restaurant

Products: Fabric Wall 50mm

Location: Notting Hill, London

Fabric: Bute Pentland

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