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PrintWall Project, London

PrintWall, London FabricWall’s PrintWall is a site-built stretched fabric wall system that offers the added element of showcasing custom printed pieces of art, graphics and branding. For this project we printed unique images from around Europe onto the fabric, to add a stunning feature to these meeting rooms. Laying the fabric track in 300mm strips, and using a combination different colour fabrics in matching hues, the effect is a striking linear acoustic wall with a warm feel. The custom cutting capabilities of FabricWall allowed for recessing of AV [...]

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Neptune Energy, London

Neptune Energy, London Alongside Design & Build contractor Denton Associates, we delivered this striking acoustic wall to the meeting room of Neptune Energy in London. Laying the fabric track in 300mm strips, and using a combination different colour fabrics in matching hues, the effect is a striking linear acoustic wall with a warm feel. The custom cutting capabilities of FabricWall allowed for recessing of AV equipment required in the room. Room Type: Meeting Rooms Products: Fabric Wall 25mm Fabric: Kvadrat Rime Location: London [...]

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Digitial Security Firm, London

Digital Security Firm, London This digital security firm in London contacted Resonics with a common complaint – excessively noisy meeting rooms. The existing finishes in this newly acquired office space were hard and reverberant, generating harsh echoes in each of the meeting rooms. The result was difficulty of communication and a compromise of the rooms’ audio-visual equipment. To solve this problem we installed FabricWall 25mm floor to ceiling panels in each room. The fabric was chosen to match each theme of the room, and FabricWall was [...]

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Digitial Analytics, London

Digital Analytics, London This digital analytics agency in London contacted Resonics with a common complaint - excessively noisy meeting rooms. The echo created by the hard surfaces in numerous meetings rooms across five floors was making communication in meetings difficult, and was distorting audiovisual communication. To restore acoustic clarity to the meeting rooms we installed floor to ceiling FabricWall 25mm panels. We used a neutral fabric from Gabriel Europost that blended well into the existing finishes. Room Type: Office, Meeting Rooms Products: Fabric Wall 50mm [...]

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Camira Showroom, London

Camira Showroom, London One of our favourite fabric manufacturers is Camira. Their fabrics are breathable, making them perfect for FabricWall. They are also distinctive - you can tell a Camira fabric from its weaving and attention to detail. At their showroom in Clerkenwell, London, we collaborated with Camira to install FabricWall on the mezzanine level. The brief was to showcase the flexibility of FabricWall, while highlighting the quality of Camira fabrics. Fun fact: Camira also provide the fabric that you see on London tube seats. [...]

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TCV, London

TCV, London TCV (Technology Crossover Ventures) is an international capital market company with offices in central London.  Its offices are replete with audio-visual conferencing rooms used for internal and external communication. Audio-visual conferencing rooms demand good acoustic environments for effective communication. We used FabricWall 50mm acoustic panelling across a large surface area of TCV's AV/VC rooms in order to meet the required acoustic absorption needed. We used Vescom's Balta fabric in a light grey as the wall finish. Room Type: Office / Meeting-room / AV-VC [...]

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Equinix, London

Equinix, London Working alongside Denton Associates, FabricWall was called in to provide acoustic walling to 28 meeting rooms at Equinix's London offices. The multi-use rooms were to be used as general meeting rooms as well as conferencing rooms, replete with AV/VC equipment. In order to accommodate the conferencing equipment, we built the acoustic fabric walls to 150mm, to run flush with video conferencing screens. The added depth of the walls provided enhanced acoustic absorption, ensuring the effective use of the AV/VC equipment. [...]

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Central Working, London

Central Working, London Central Working is a unique office fit-out company, that leases out office spaces to emerging businesses. The company's focus is on creating optimised office spaces, combining all the elements that make up a productive and comfortable workspace. A huge part of this is the consideration of acoustics. To help optimise this office space for lease in Central London, FabricWall was called in to provide aesthetic acoustic walling to various meeting rooms. The rooms included AV/VC equipment, and therefore required acoustic treatments [...]

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Nomura, London

Nomura, London An acoustic survey for holdings company Nomura found that the reverberation time in one of their video conferencing rooms was above the recommended 0.5 seconds. This is typical AV and VC rooms that have an abundance of hard, reflective surfaces. As a result of the excess sound bouncing around the room, the conferencing equipment was being compromised and room users were complainin g of poor speech clarity. Following the survey, FabricWall designed and installed a stretched fabric system across two opposing walls, [...]

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Linkedin, London

Linkedin, London The Problem As part of a major refurbishment of LinkedIn’s London offices, FabricWall was contacted to provide acoustic solutions to meeting and break-out rooms across five floors. With a combination of glass partitioning, plasterboard and brick walling – the space required acoustic treatments to create comfortable environments for LinkedIn employees and clients. The meeting rooms were to include audio visual equipment, meaning it was essential that a high quality sound absorption system was installed in order to facilitate proper speech intelligibility and ensure call [...]

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Vodafone HQ, Newbury

Vodafone HQ, Newbury When a large refurb was undertaken at one of the site’s buildings, FabricWall was called in to provide a solution for the common problem of high reverberation and poor speech intelligibility in the office’s meeting rooms and open plan spaces. With so many people working in the office and meeting rooms, it was vital that the refurb included an acoustic solution that would absorb large amounts of noise created by staff working, talking and using equipment. Without the introduction of sound absorptive [...]

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Google Meeting Room, London

Google Meeting Room, London FabricWall were contacted by Google to create a feature wall acoustic solution in one of Google’s meeting rooms. The brief on this project was to undertake the innovative use of inexpensive building materials whilst creating a look that complemented the industrial, unfinished appearance to the room. The meeting room already had a wall-to-wall panelling system made up of timber joists and OSB chipboard. The solution provided by FabricWall utilised the spaces between some of  joists – filling the space with an [...]

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