FabricWall – A Custom Fabric Wall Panel Solution

We have worked on some interesting projects where the brief has been to create custom made designs that provide interesting and stylish acoustic wall solutions. The beauty of being site-built is that FabricWall is a custom fabric wall panel system. With some clever manipulation, our track can be cut or curved to meet distinct design briefs - creating different shapes, angles and realisations. We’ve worked on a number of projects where our experienced designers have had to think outside of the box to make some unique design-led sound absorbing solutions. Casa Cruz Restaurant, London This revamped West London restaurant required a feature [...]

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FabricWall Project – Editing Suites – BSkyB

The Brief BSkyB contacted FabricWall to provide acoustic design and installation services for a large project at their headquarters in Osterly, West London. As part of a larger renovation project of their editing facilities, the brief was to replace the existing acoustic panels across 5 audio editing suites.  Good acoustics in sound editing suites is imperative – so a key component of the brief was to provide a system that afforded the best sound absorption available. As the editing rooms at Sky require a large amount of concentration for long periods of time, the brief in regard to design was [...]

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FabricWall Project: Meeting Room Acoustics at The DC Advisory

The Problem The DC Advisory contacted Resonics to provide a complete survey, assessment, design and installation of an acoustic treatment solution for three of their meeting rooms in London. The rooms were suffering from a mix of lack of privacy, echo and problems hearing AV/VC equipment. An assessment of the rooms showed that the average reverberation time across the rooms was a harsh 4.2 seconds. The Brief To provide an acoustically effective but visually pleasing solution in the meeting rooms. The rooms are often used for important board meetings and can host external clients so it was imperative that the [...]

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FabricWall Project: Healthcare Acoustics – Custom Printed FabricWall

The Problem Working with the Penine Care Foundation Trust in Ashton-Under-Lyne, this latest project saw us design and install a custom printed FabricWall solution for an extremely noisy and echoey dining hall situated off a busy hospital day ward for the elderly. The room itself suffered from a high reverberation time due to the number of hard, non-absorptive surfaces in the room. Users of the room noted that even the drop of a fork on the floor would cause a loud uncomfortable echo. The Brief The brief for this project was to design and install an acoustic solution that substantially [...]

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Our Clients

Want to know about little more about the clients we work with? Our client and contractor list grows on a weekly basis with brands and companies big and small asking for the perfect acoustic solution. From large banks and multi-nationals to media agencies, colleges and restaurants, our work continues to span a wide range of clients all looking for a unique but effective acoustic wall solution. Above are just some of the clients we have worked with. A full list of all of our case studies can be found on our 'Our Work' page. Our Relationships What sets us apart [...]

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Fabric Wall – Working with Main Contractors

We understand the complexities surrounding the tender process and how our part in the process can make the jobs of main contractors very easy or very hard. So, if you are a Quantity Surveyor or Contracts Manager looking for a Fabric Wall solution, why add us to your approved contractor list? First off, our experience as a sub-contractor is extensive; we’ve worked on projects large and small with some of the biggest main contractors in the business including Overbury, Bluu and Leadbitter. And we’re certainly not novices when it comes to working on tender processes having turned around (and successfully [...]

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FabricWall – Countless Creative Opportunities with Shapes

We have worked on some interesting projects where the brief has been to create custom made shapes and designs that provide interesting and stylish acoustic wall solutions. The beauty of being site-built is that FabricWall solutions can be made into any shape on site. Using the clever manipulation of our track system which can be cut or curved, we’ve worked on a number of projects where our experienced designers have had to think outside of the box to make some unique design-led acoustic solutions. Longbridge House Meeting Suite, Gatwick The project brief at Longbridge House, part of the Gatwick Airport [...]

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Cinema Spaces – Why Room Acoustics Matter

There are many types of cinema spaces, but the general rules of room acoustics remain the same whether it’s a home cinema, a new-build multiplex or a renovated theatre. The priority with any of these spaces is to create an environment where the right amount of sound is absorbed to stop disturbances from the crowd and equipment but not too much sound is absorbed that it deadens the effect of the music and voices. For many movies, the soundtrack and the spoken voice are just as important as the picture, which is why a room must be optimised to create [...]

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FabricWall and The Environment – Our Sustainability Credentials

We all know the importance of creating an acoustically comfortable environment. Whether it’s creating productive workspaces or comfortable leisure areas, the acoustic environment is central to what we do best. But we don’t ignore the global environment either. If you are looking for an acoustic solution that offers the very best in sustainability credentials, then we may be able to help. FabricWall is committed to a continuous process of environmental improvement and we aim to uphold high sustainability and health and safety credentials as part of our Company Mission. Firstly we are fully ISO 14001 accredited which means we have [...]

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FabricWall’s Guide to Installing the Perfect Stretched Fabric Wall System

We’ve taken photos at our latest project in London so that you can see some of the stages of the installation process for yourself. At every step, from preliminary measurements to final checking, special care is taken when installing the track, core and fabric to ensure the highest standard of finish. The FabricWall installation is carried out in a number of stages by our specialist installers - take a look at our photo guide. Measuring and Installing the FabricWall Track 1. Wall dimensions are accurately measured before cutting of perimeter and mid-rail track 2. The wall area is then marked with [...]

Restaurant Acoustics – Why Noisy Restaurants are Putting us off our Food

“Nice restaurant, but too noisy”. Read any restaurant review and this is a line you wouldn’t be surprised to see. Many restaurants seem to be missing a trick when designing their dining spaces – everything else seems to be considered apart from one very important factor – noise. The modern day restaurant has become the epitome of minimalist living. Out are the carpets, curtains, tablecloths and plush cushions; in are brick walls, bare tables, stripped floors and metal counters. However unfashionable the textile-laden style of restaurant now seems, all the fabrics and soft furnishings were great for absorbing sound. The [...]

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Custom Printed Acoustic Walls – FabricWall’s Classic FM Masterpiece

Here at FabricWall we often wax lyrical about the hundreds of fabrics we offer that can create the perfect finish to your interior. But what if you’re looking for something different? Something a bit more individual? FabricWall’s PrintWall system allows you to combine your sound control solutions with pieces of art, graphics and branding. Using the same elements as FabricWall - track, core and fabric - PrintWall utilises the fabric element by using acoustically breathable printable materials that are then printed with any graphic, logo or image given to us. This creates a perfect feature wall suitable for any number [...]

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