FabricWall recently completed an acoustic project for the Farnham Based ‘University for the Creative Arts’. The brief from UCA Farnham was to provide an acoustic solution for their campus library during its summer refurbishment. The main objective being to provide enhanced sound absorption to allow users of the library to work, read and concentrate in an acoustically comfortable environment.

The two main areas of focus were the main library area and the reading booths. Above the bookshelves in the main section of the library, the installation team fitted 25mm FabricWall panels with a Kvadrat Divina Melange 2 fabric covering.


Above: FabricWall Acoustic Wall Panels during refurbishment. One week from re-opening.

UCA FArnham_close up

Above: Close up of FabricWall Acoustic Panels in Main Library.

In the reading booths, 25mm FabricWall acoustic panels were installed onto the wall partitions above the tables and benches. This created a comfortable space where sound was absorbed by the panels above. Here Divina Melange 2 in Orange was used to create a bright finish to the acoustic wall system.

UCA Farnham_booths

Above: Reading booths featuring the fabric acoustic wall lining system during refurb. 

As we are asked more and more to look at the acoustics of library and study spaces, the question is raised – Why are library acoustics so important? In short, noisy libraries are not popular libraries. In reading and studying spaces, it is important to most people that noise and distraction is kept to a minimum as concentration is a priority. Therefore acoustics are incredibly important in libraries as users require a calm environment for concentration and a good level of confidentiality.