The Problem
Working with the Penine Care Foundation Trust in Ashton-Under-Lyne, this latest project saw us design and install a custom printed FabricWall solution for an extremely noisy and echoey dining hall situated off a busy hospital day ward for the elderly. The room itself suffered from a high reverberation time due to the number of hard, non-absorptive surfaces in the room. Users of the room noted that even the drop of a fork on the floor would cause a loud uncomfortable echo.

The Brief
The brief for this project was to design and install an acoustic solution that substantially reduced the reverberation time and echo in the room whilst also providing an aesthetically calming feature for the patients.

Design and Installation
Utilising our Shutterstock library of high resolution images, the NHS team chose a calming woodland scene with image rights costing £100. The image was then digitally printed onto a single piece of acoustically breathable fabric covering 20m2. Our installers set about covering the entire back section of the dining hall wall in 50mm acoustic foam and FabricWall track. The pre-printed fabric was then stretched across the track to create a beautiful feature wall. Sockets and switched were incorporated into the wall with cut out sections creating a smooth, flush finish.

The Finished Result
The dining hall’s acoustics have been markedly improved with a noticeable difference to the problem of excessive noise and echo. By installing an acoustic solution across the entirety of the dining hall wall, up to 90% of the sound that hits that wall is absorbed, massively reducing the amount of sound in the room. In terms of the aesthetics, the FabricWall solution has created a charming and serene feature – ideal for creating a calming environment for recuperating patients on the ward.