The Problem
The DC Advisory contacted Resonics to provide a complete survey, assessment, design and installation of an acoustic treatment solution for three of their meeting rooms in London. The rooms were suffering from a mix of lack of privacy, echo and problems hearing AV/VC equipment. An assessment of the rooms showed that the average reverberation time across the rooms was a harsh 4.2 seconds.

The Brief
To provide an acoustically effective but visually pleasing solution in the meeting rooms. The rooms are often used for important board meetings and can host external clients so it was imperative that the solutions installed had an extremely high end finish. The solution provided also needed to maximise the use of the AV/VC equipment that was currently being compromised by the room’s high reverberation time and poor acoustics.

The Solution
The solution across the three meeting rooms was mixture of FabricWall installations mixed with acoustic ceiling panels. For the two larger rooms,  2-3 walls were covered in FabricWall 50mm acoustic foam which were then wrapped in Vescom Lani Fabric. Whilst the acoustic foam absorbs up to 90% of sound – making it extremely effective acoustically – Vescom Lani is one of the best quality fabrics to work with, giving the installation an exceptional finish. Hanging ceiling panels were then added to optimise the acoustics effects of the FabricWall installation by ensuring that sound was absorbed from above as well as at the sides.

The Result
Assessments of the room taken before and after treatment showed that the reverberation time was lowered from a harsh 4.2s to comfortable 0.87s. The mixture of 50mm FabricWall, which gives Class A sound absorption, and the strategically arranged ceiling panels afforded a large amount of sound absorption and hugely reduced the reverberation time of the rooms. As the pictures show, aesthetically the result is fantastic – the FabricWall in grey providing a subtle finish and the ceiling panels creating an interesting yet non-obtrusive feature.