The Brief
BSkyB contacted FabricWall to provide acoustic design and installation services for a large project at their headquarters in Osterly, West London. As part of a larger renovation project of their editing facilities, the brief was to replace the existing acoustic panels across 5 audio editing suites.  Good acoustics in sound editing suites is imperative – so a key component of the brief was to provide a system that afforded the best sound absorption available. As the editing rooms at Sky require a large amount of concentration for long periods of time, the brief in regard to design was that the solution needed to be interesting but not distracting.

A FabricWall solution is by far the most suitable solution with a brief like this. Studios and editing suites that need to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment can make the most of the installation’s Class A sound absorption whilst the countless design possibilities make it a great option when the brief requires a strong design element.

Acoustic Design
Our specialist in-house design team worked closely with Sky’s Building Services team and the main contractor Brenmar to agree a design that suited the purpose and demands of the rooms. The design process needed to consider two things –  the need to create an interesting feature and the requirement that the final installation shouldn’t be too distracting for the editing teams.

The final agreed design for all 5 rooms amalgamated striped tones of the brand colours with greys on the three surrounding walls with a subtle grey wall for the editing wall. All together, the colours of the striped walls with the grey editing wall created a balanced mixed of vibrancy and calm. The fabrics chosen as the façade of the walls were from a British manufacturer called Moon. Similar in make-up to Vescom Lani and Kvadrat Divina, Moon’s Melton II is an acoustically breathable 100% Wool fabric. Melton II was chosen for its quality and the fact that it matched the façade of the existing furniture in the room.

As the installation of the FabricWall was part of a larger renovation project, the timescales in which to agree designs and install the solution were very tight. The project went from initial acoustic survey to completed installation in just 5 weeks – an incredibly fast turnaround for a project of this size and nature. The installation itself, which consisted of wall-to-wall fitting across 5 suites, took just two weeks. Working to very tight timelines to ensure a handover to Brenmar was made efficiently, our skilled installation team worked tirelessly to get the highest quality of finish in each of the editing suites. As a cost effective solution, our experienced fitters minimised waste by using the fabrics as efficiently as possible across the full project.

The Result
FabricWall’s project at BskyB is one of the largest and most striking projects we have undertaken. Within an incredibly short timescale, we were able to install a high quality and beautiful solution that provides optimal sound absorption.  Not only does the solution look fantastic and offer great room acoustics, it’s also a wonderfully cost-effective solution;  combining the need to replace  acoustic panelling with an aesthetics overhaul.

 sky_fabric_wall_resonicsAn interesting yet subtle finish with great acoustic qualities.
 sky_fabric_wall_resonics-83 striped feature walls and a simple grey editing wall.  
 sky_fabric_wall_resonics-9A finish of the highest quality using 100% pure wool fabric.