Here at FabricWall we often wax lyrical about the hundreds of fabrics we offer that can create the perfect finish to your interior. But what if you’re looking for something different? Something a bit more individual? FabricWall’s PrintWall system allows you to combine your sound control solutions with pieces of art, graphics and branding. Using the same elements as FabricWall – track, core and fabric – PrintWall utilises the fabric element by using acoustically breathable printable materials that are then printed with any graphic, logo or image given to us. This creates a perfect feature wall suitable for any number of interiors.

FabricWall have worked on a number of PrintWall projects  – a notable example is Classic FM. FabricWall were asked to provide a stretched fabric wall solution at their main headquarters and studio in Leicester Square, London.  The brief was to provide a Classic FM branded feature wall that also provided superior sound absorption for a corridor outside one of their studio areas. The wall also had to accommodate the studio viewing windows and doors. Based on the brief, the fabric wall was created using a 25mm thick track. A sound absorbing acoustic core was then attached to the track followed by a white fabric under layer. Onto this we applied the custom printed top layer – a dye sub printed fabric. Using a high-resolution image supplied to us, we were able to print a wall-to-wall branded feature that accommodated breaks in the wall. Finally to ensure a flushed appearance that would run across the entire face of the wall, printed feature door vinyl was attached to the studio doors that matched the wall’s stretched fabric solution. The final result was a striking, beautifully finished acoustic wall with Class A sound absorbing properties.

About FabricWall’s PrintWall Solution
We have been offering custom printed FabricWall solutions for a long time and are proud of to have developed a high quality, high performing feature wall solution. Using the very latest printing techniques, we can create framed or frameless acoustic panel artwork to virtually any size. We have developed the most successful method of printing onto tried and tested acoustic fabrics, meaning our walls look fantastic and retain the highest acoustical performance. All we need is a high-resolution image and a wall to work with!

If you have an image, graphic or logo that you want made into a feature wall that also has fabulous sound absorbing qualities, then contact us for more details.