FabricWall’s Guide to Installing the Perfect Stretched Fabric Wall System

We’ve taken photos at our latest project in London so that you can see some of the stages of the installation process for yourself. At every step, from preliminary measurements to final checking, special care is taken when installing the track, core and fabric to ensure the highest standard of finish. The FabricWall installation is carried out in a number of stages by our specialist installers - take a look at our photo guide. Measuring and Installing the FabricWall Track 1. Wall dimensions are accurately measured before cutting of perimeter and mid-rail track 2. The wall area is then marked with [...]

Restaurant Acoustics – Why Noisy Restaurants are Putting us off our Food

“Nice restaurant, but too noisy”. Read any restaurant review and this is a line you wouldn’t be surprised to see. Many restaurants seem to be missing a trick when designing their dining spaces – everything else seems to be considered apart from one very important factor – noise. The modern day restaurant has become the epitome of minimalist living. Out are the carpets, curtains, tablecloths and plush cushions; in are brick walls, bare tables, stripped floors and metal counters. However unfashionable the textile-laden style of restaurant now seems, all the fabrics and soft furnishings were great for absorbing sound. The [...]

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