FabricWall – Countless Creative Opportunities with Shapes

We have worked on some interesting projects where the brief has been to create custom made shapes and designs that provide interesting and stylish acoustic wall solutions. The beauty of being site-built is that FabricWall solutions can be made into any shape on site. Using the clever manipulation of our track system which can be cut or curved, we’ve worked on a number of projects where our experienced designers have had to think outside of the box to make some unique design-led acoustic solutions. Longbridge House Meeting Suite, Gatwick The project brief at Longbridge House, part of the Gatwick Airport [...]

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FabricWall’s Guide to Installing the Perfect Stretched Fabric Wall System

We’ve taken photos at our latest project in London so that you can see some of the stages of the installation process for yourself. At every step, from preliminary measurements to final checking, special care is taken when installing the track, core and fabric to ensure the highest standard of finish. The FabricWall installation is carried out in a number of stages by our specialist installers - take a look at our photo guide. Measuring and Installing the FabricWall Track 1. Wall dimensions are accurately measured before cutting of perimeter and mid-rail track 2. The wall area is then marked with [...]

Why Acoustics Should Be at the Forefront of Open Plan Office Design

In the modern working world, open-plan offices are becoming the norm and employees are less and less likely to expect their own office. By 2004 approximately 73% of office workers performed their work in open plan offices (Sykes, 2004). Whilst organisations are saving thousands of pounds by establishing open plan office environments where they can squeeze in more employees into smaller spaces, what are the costs in terms of productivity and employee motivation?  When designed appropriately, open plan offices can themselves become tools for encouraging teamwork, the sharing of ideas and effective communication. Yet, when designed incorrectly (as is often [...]

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