We have worked on some interesting projects where the brief has been to create custom made designs that provide interesting and stylish acoustic wall solutions. The beauty of being site-built is that FabricWall is a custom fabric wall panel system. With some clever manipulation, our track can be cut or curved to meet distinct design briefs – creating different shapes, angles and realisations.

We’ve worked on a number of projects where our experienced designers have had to think outside of the box to make some unique design-led sound absorbing solutions.

Casa Cruz Restaurant, London
This revamped West London restaurant required a feature ceiling solution for its central dining space. The design, created to mirror the restaurant’s flooring, consisted of alternating green and brown fabric segments radiating from the feature oval bar in the centre of the room.

The solution required a concealed track and the integration of a hidden sound system. With some clever manipulation of our track system, we were effectively able to mirror the restaurant’s flooring – resembling a rising sun while concealing the sound system without reducing its effectiveness and without compromising pre-existing ceiling services such as fire detection systems.

The high tension nature of the fabric system ensured that the acoustic core of the system did not sag, creating a seamless ceiling finish.

Installation process of acoustic ceiling in restaurant.

The development of track installed to the restaurant ceiling.

Brown and green fabric ceiling

An invisible track separates the segments of our decorative acoustic ceiling.

Reckitt Benkiser Breakout Area, Slough
As part of a larger fit-out project by Overbury, FabricWall were contacted to install an acoustic wall solution for a breakout area at the Reckitt Benkiser head office. There were two pre-requisites to the solution: the first was that the solution had to match the existing fabric in the seating area in terms of colour and texture. The second was to add texture to the wall. We installed a diamond shaped detail into the FabricWall solution by cutting and joining the track at 45 degree angles, and then stretching Kvadrat Davina fabric in bright pink across each section until a complete wall was created. 

Pink acoustic wall

Detailed acoustic wall created using fabric tucked into an angled running track.

Google, London
FabricWall were contacted in regard to creating a feature wall solution in one of Google’s meeting rooms. The brief on this project was to undertake the innovative use of inexpensive building materials whilst creating a look that complemented the industrial, unfinished appearance to the room. The meeting room already had a wall-to-wall panelling system made up of timber joists and OSB chipboard. The solution provided by FabricWall utilised the spaces between some of  joists – filling the space with a sound absorbing foam and covering the area with Vescom Lani fabric.

Sound absorbing foam in meeting room

Sound absorbing foam sits in a track alongside wooden joists.

Yellow acoustic wall panels in meeting room

A sound absorbing core is wrapped in fabric and sits inbetween timber joists at Google’s London meeting room.

Longbridge House Meeting Suite, Gatwick
The project brief at Longbridge House, part of the Gatwick Airport complex, was to create a Fabric Wall solution that would feature a system of shapes to give texture to what would normally be a seamless acoustic wall. From brief, FabricWall worked to the architect’s plans to ensure that the wall would provide a feature in the meeting suite, rather than blend with the décor. The wall had to accommodate a wall-mounted TV in the middle. The result was a beautiful, textured feature wall with incredible sound absorption qualities.

White acoustic wall

25mm acoustic Fabric Wall with detailed finish.

Detailed white acoustic wall

Detailed acoustic wall created by custom cutting the Fabric Wall track.