Acoustic Data



FabricWall allows for the very highest absorption rating class (Class A) and can create the perfect acoustic environment for your interior.

Acoustic comfort is often overlooked in the design process and with more and more modern buildings being designed with hard surfaces, there is a requirement to combat the problem of poor room acoustics.  Excessive hard surfaces result in increased sound propagation and excess noise levels. This noise disturbs comfort, privacy, concentration, conversation and most of all productivity. FabricWall is a flexible, cost effective and attractive acoustic panelling solution to rooms with poor acoustics.

  • FabricWall 50 affords Class A sound absorption
  • FabricWall 25 affords Class B sound absorption
60% of open plan office occupants complain about the noise level in their office
70% of office users say productivity would be increased in a less noisy environment
Our FabricWall25 system absorbs over 80% of all  sound. This is sound absorption class B
Our FabricWall50 system absorbs over 90% of all  sound.  This is sound absorption class A

Here Are Some Projects Where We Have Optimised Acoustics